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Royal Fleet Auxilary "Sir Lancelot"

Sir Galahad (L3005) was the name of belonging to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, part of the British navy. She was a 3,270 ton LSL (landing ship logistic) launched in 1966. She could carry 340 to 534 troops depending on how tightly they were packed in.

It cxould carry 340 tons of cargo, including up to 16 tanks, 34 other vehicles, 120 tons of petrol and 30 tons of ammunition. Landing craft could be carried instead of lifeboats.

Galahad took part in the Falklands War and on May 24, 1982 was attacked in San Carlos Water by the Argentine Air Force and was hit by a bomb which did not explode. On June 8 in Bluff Cove she was hit again by two or three bombs and was badly damaged. 48 soldiers of the 1st Welsh Guards were killed. Later the remains was towed out to sea and sunk. The wreck is now an official war grave.

Calypso Singer, Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot (1902–2001), calypso singer and actor

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Computer Game Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot a 1984 computer game published by Melbourne House

Clipper Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot was a clipper ship, measuring 197.6ft x 33.7ft x 21ft, and of 886 tons net. She was built in 1865 by Robert Steel & Co, Greenock.

In 1895 under Persian ownership, she was rumoured to have sunk on 1 October during a cyclone near Sand Heads, Calcutta whilst on passage from the Red Sea loaded with salt.

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Sir Lancelot, knight of the Round Table